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Dallas Living Guide

Dallas is a big city with a lot going on in it. In fact, you practically need some kid of Dallas living guide if you want to get the most out of your time there.

Where to Find Great Apartments in Dallas

Finding a great Dallas apartment depends a lot on what you want out of the area you live in. If you’re very into urban living, you might want to try Downtown Dallas. The city is currently undergoing an urban revival, and it’s all centered right here. There is plenty of good shopping and nightlife.

You’ll also find all kinds of downtown districts downtown, one of which is sure to suit your interests. For example, you can find apartments in the Arts District if the arts are you thing; the City Center business district if your life is tightly focused around business; the West End Historic District if you want a touch of 20th Century class.

But this Dallas living guide wouldn’t be complete if it only focused on downtown apartments. You may also want to check out Deep Ellum in the eastern part of town. Deep Ellum is known for its music culture and the kind of trendy, stylish living that goes with it.

Many developers are currently building Dallas high-rise apartments in the Midtown section of the city. You may also want to check out Oak Cliff, the Biship Arts district, South Dallas, and the many other neighborhoods in the city.

Dallas Living Guide: What’s Fun to Do in the City?

It doesn’t matter if your into sports, the arts, live music, or other entertainment, this city has something for you–and lots of it!

You’d have to be living in a cave not to know about the NFL team the Dallas Cowboys. But did you know that the city boasts an NHL hockey team (the Dallas Stars), a soccer team (FC Dallas), as well as multiple rugby teams? Of course, there is also the NBA basketball team the Mavericks.

If the arts are more your thing, you’ll might enjoy the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center, and the Children’s Theater.

Deep Ellum is a great place to go if you like live music. The neighborhood is home to literally hundreds of up-and-coming musicians. There are dozens of live shows on any given night.

Finally, any good Dallas living guide should mention all the wonderful cuisine to be had in the city. While famous for its authentic Tex-Mex food, you can also find plenty of world fare such as Arabic, Indian, and authentic Vietnamese cuisine in town. No matter what you crave, this city has something just for you.

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