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Phoenix- A great place to living.
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Phoenix Living

Phoenix living is good for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it’s been one of the fastest-growing metro areas over the past 20 years. For another thing, it has a healthy economy. Phoenix apartments and other rentals are actually a driving force in the real estate market right now, which is good for anyone interested in the best in Phoenix living. But what else does the city have to offer?

Sports in Phoenix

The city has one team for every major professional league. The most famous of these are the Phoenix Suns, the city’s NBA basketball team, and the Cardinals, which are the city’s NFL football team. (The Cardinals football team moved from St Louis to Arizona in 1988. The Cardinals baseball is still played in St Louis, however.)

The city also supports a women’s basketball team, a hockey team, and the Arizona Diamondbacks, an expansion team of Major League Baseball. The team plays at Chase Field.

Why Phoenix Living is Good for Your Health

There’s plenty to do to help keep you in shape in the city. The metro area sports a number of great waterparks to help residents make it through the summer, as well as two amusement parks, Enchanted Island and Castles N’ Coasters.

You can also get plenty of exercise by hiking at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. In addition, this health-conscious city is big on yoga and healthy eating. The city has more health food stores per capita than you can find in most cities. You can also find yoga and other low-impact, high-benefit activities here more easily than you can in many places.

Arts, Entertainment, and Culture

Whether you own a home or rent an apartment in Phoenix, you’re only minutes away from great entertainment, arts, and culture.

The Phoenix Art Museum is the largest visual art museum in the American Southwest, at more than a quarter-million square feet. It displays travelling international exhibitions, as well as works of art from its own 18,000-piece collection.

You may also want to check out the Heard Museum, which features a large Kachina Doll collection; the Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum; the Arizona Science Center; and the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.

While Phoenix living offers great cuisine from all around the world–including Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai–what really stands out is the Mexican food here. This is partly because of the town’s close physical location to Mexico, and partly because of its healthy Hispanic population. No Tex-Mex here–this is the real deal! And just one reason among many that Phoenix living is so good.

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