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Denver Living

Since the city has 80 official neighborhoods, Denver living offers a lot of opportunities. It just all depends depending on what kind of apartment and environment you’re looking for. Whether you want to live in a Denver high rise apartment, a second story studio flat, or something in between, this city is bound to have just what you want.

Why Denver Living is Great and Green–Even in the Middle of the City

Denver has over 200 parks. These range from small “mini parks” to the huge City Park, which weighs in at 330 acres in area! This trend was begun in the early 1900s by the town’s mayor, Robert Speer, who hired several landscape architects to plan such parks as Cheesman Park, Civic Center Park, and many others.

The city maintains mountain parks, such as Red Rocks Park (home to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre). Denver living also means that you’ll be close to Winter Park Resort ski area, about an hour’s drive from the city.

A Healthy Economy for the 21st Century

Because it is located in a mineral-rich zone, and because it’s the largest city for 500 miles, Denver’s economy is strong and relatively stable. The metro area is host to many different private companies, and the government is a major employer in the region as well.

Quizno’s, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Smashburger all have their headquarters in Denver. Comcast, Dish Network, and many other telecommunications companies all have major operations in the city. This is mostly due to the way its high elevation and location make it convenient for satalellite usage.

Other Reasons that the Denver Living is Good

There are plenty of other reasons that Denver apartments are some of the best places to live in the U.S. If you don’t like to drive, or if you simply prefer cost-effective public transportation, you’ll love the 1,000-bus transit system that stops at over 10,000 locations. You might also be interested to know that the city was recently rated the 16th “most-walkable” city in the U.S.

It’s also a great place for the outdoors. Many of the city’s residents enjoy skiing in the winter, and camping, hiking, and kayaking/canoeing in the summer.

The city also has a bigger music scene than most people know about. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into pop, folk, jazz, or classical, Denver likely has live music shows you’d love to see. And just like in Boulder and Colorado Springs, there are plenty of jam bands as well.

All in all, Denver living is very very good–no matter where in the city you rent your apartment.

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